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Pure Art: The Fourth Convention Of Tattoo Week In Moscow. FAN-TV

Pure art: the fourth convention of Tattoo week in Moscow. FAN-TV

Tattoo conventions have already become annual in Russia. They are held in key cities to unite tattoo artists from different countries and cities: so that they can communicate with professionals in a creative atmosphere and participate in a competitive program.

The Moscow Tattoo week is supported by leading manufacturers of professional tattoo equipment and tattoo masters from Russia, England, China, the USA and other countries. Every year the convention is becoming more interesting: more participants, more tattoo styles, new records for the duration of the sessions, and much more. For the guests, master classes, entertainment programs are held, and most importantly, it is possible to make a unique tattoo with the best tattoo artists of our time.

Pure art: the fourth convention of Tattoo week in Moscow.  FAN-TV

Here, for example, what Vitaly Anisimov says , the organizer of the Tattoo week:

“This festival is for everyone, whether it’s tattooed or not tattooed. This is art, this is an interesting industry. Every resident of Moscow, Russia, probably should attend this conference, at least in order to understand that a tattoo is cool, cool, stylish. In Russian culture, there is no tattoo as such; it exists, but criminal, I think, in the near future we will have our own special Russian style, which we will be able to present abroad. And it will be something extraordinary. ”

Pure art: the fourth convention of Tattoo week in Moscow.  FAN-TV