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Tattoos to restore some common sense

In General, when after your tattoo, the recovery period is a period of time, usually two weeks, when recovered, the color generally shallow 20%. There 10% is because tattooing the skin red in retreat, while 10% is because the tattoo look lighter when dry. When the skin when wet, deep colour. And tattoo photos on the Internet is usually just finished pattern, so the color is deep.
When the tattoo after 2 days, it will start to scab, scab when wound will become darker in color, when there is a tattoo of the road. When the tattoo scab it? will be some tension, itching of the skin and so on, this is normal. But after two weeks, crusted white skin became clean, said those cases were gone. With tattoo back after 3 months, because of the skin's metabolism and microcirculation, tattoo color is generally within the normal range, there is a little bit of iridescence, but the overall look is very natural.
Tattoo appears after the disconnection problem, it is because the variety of styles and patterns, textures and contours of the pattern has different requirements, so when you are lines of different styles of design, showing the effect is going to be different, and may also be broken.