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Tattoo fading of a comprehensive analysis

Tattoo, is through the tattoo needle tattoo pigment into the skin to a depth of, permanent pigment particles remain in the skin, forming a permanent tattoo. Tattoo this process, must ensure that the equipment is sterile, procedures are sterile, pigment is safe and security in order to have a permanent tattoo. So, tattoo artists and tattoo to remind you must select the regular tattoo shop Oh!

For example lines so long before this is (image from the network share) has a tattoo of course concerned about the color will the problems usually fade under the influence of the following four factors:

Whether the way the tattoo professional. Professional tattoo artists, the needle depth appropriate, there will be no broken needles, two-tone.

2. the color quality is excellent. Best tattoo pigment, special pigment for tattoos, is the result of material, harmful content, bacterial content and specification the label text check of safety color, tattoo effect is the best!

3. individual skin characteristics. Some people's metabolism is faster, so over time, fading fast. Tattoo if the improper maintenance, scratching the tattoo part in the tattoo healing process also causes the color part of the loss.