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Tattoo eight reasons you belong to

The pursuit of beauty
Completely emphasizes the beauty and artistic value, turn the body into a painted image of sculpture, or a fashion.

The meaning of Memorial
People and things that are meaningful to their stay in the body, as with his mark.

Hard to motivate yourself
Carves into text or have incentives on upward pattern, to remind ourselves at any time.

Self-heroic consciousness
To express strong heroism and strong characterization, tattooing was considered a brave act.

Original purpose to survive (Totem)
Tattoos in the early development, in part comes from the primitive life in the forest, coexistence with animals, in order to hide her, only to paint himself as nature's color or pattern. Today there are many people in pursuit of the most primitive of Totem culture.

Religious beliefs
Many tattoo enthusiasts will put their faith in the religious beliefs of people and things as required material tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo
Most of the scars, you can use tattoo cover up; because of congenital or extraterrestrial cause scarring, now we can use the tattoo to cover it, not just cover the scars, you can also make your skin more beautiful

Superstition tattoos
Is said to have carved an animal images or special designs to ward off evil spirits or to enhance fitness.