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Simple analytical tattoo what advantages

1. your favorite pattern or idea tattoo on his body there is a wonderful feeling.
2. achieve their unique aesthetic ideas, personalized tattoo more prominent themselves.
3. tattoos are a kind of thinking, may play a role in blessing in some ways.
4. tattoo designs the Visual impact and power is unmatched by any kind of art form. Desirable pattern on a needle into the skin, gives tattooing a great vitality, with different patterns with piercing places, changes with body tattoo is more vivid.
5. the tattoo to go through a painful process, as experienced the process of life, after a tattoo over a baptism, and only after that baptism, you can experience the true meaning of life, when through the pain, the mind will feel life, you know, when you change your body when you have changed the world.
6. life is short, "the human body is the most beautiful work of art", in fact, was already very beautiful human body or part of the tattoo, let your body, a little wild, a little alternative, soft in the wild, rugged, with a mysterious, it would reveal "your" own a striking beauty.