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Principle of laser tattoo

Laser tattoo removal: the laser via selective photothermal effect (tattoo power supply) and the principle of complementary color, tattoo removal pigment color laser wavelength, that is, the skin pigment granules in the Q-switched laser irradiation in Chinese, absorbing the instant high energy laser, pigment particles vaporize and be broken, and the cell frame can be retained in its entirety.
And because the laser pulses shorter than the thermal relaxation time of tissues, instant single-Pulse Laser energy release in about one out of 10,000 seconds to complete this process, the new heat transfer to the surrounding tissue and skin, lesion tissue is heated to eliminate at the same time, not surrounding healthy skin tissue is compromised. In the inflammation process, particles directly into the lymphatic capillaries in the clastic section is filtered to eliminate some was swallowed by macrophages, discharge of acid hydrolytic enzyme-soluble degradation. Removed the pigment granules in cells, cells on the basis of the framework that can be more complete, soon to be repaired. Longer wavelength laser tissue deeper, tattoo color particles are in the dermis, therefore longer wavelengths greater impact on these dermal melanin, but had little effect on the skin.
Wound applied burn cream, bactroban, chlortetracycline ointment and keep the wound dry, clean, and generally do not make the dressing, such as large or difficult to expose the wound site can be properly bandaged while giving oral antibiotics such as Sha, pioneer, Lijun Adriamycin, avoiding the Sun and strenuous exercise, cosmetics is disabled to avoid wound pigmentation.