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Health tattoo tips

First of all, such a situation may occur, that is after the operation is completed, consumers feel that the result is bad, didn't see exactly the same pattern. Often occur because of this, tattoo artists in operation using the color depth, plus operational control well, and led to the spread of color, distort the image or is not clear. There is the human body skin is there are ups and downs and the skin is wrinkled, it will affect the pattern shows. Years engaged in professional tattoo artist tattoo tips say that tattoos can sometimes be biased, the consumer to be prepared.

Second, consumers in front of the tattoo, should frankly inform the artist in advance whether your skin inflammations, skin rash, there are AIDS patients, pregnant women and women during the menstrual period, these people are not suitable for tattoos.

For many years engaged in professional tattoo artist tattoo to remind you to do a preparation of heart and body double, hope that tattoo friends in accordance with provisions are not in the right conditions, just don't get, or put themselves and others at risk of unnecessary trouble and injuries.