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Fluorescent tattoo is different from ordinary tattoo

Common tattoos, they believe that many of my friends are already familiar, is the general practice of the plant pigments of color tattoo needle skin pattern formed so as to bring it into the skin.
Fluorescent tattoo, the "fluorescent tattoos" as the name suggests is the shine tattoo, Blacklight reactive special ink, it contains no phosphorus or other substances harmful to the body, and certainly does not cause cancer. Is a safe and stylish tattoo methods
Fluorescent tattoo is not recommended to try, because even non-fluorescent tattoo ink guaranteed international brand-name drug, but not guaranteed for everyone's physique, completely there is no allergic phenomenon. Like his crab seafood shop owners say no problem but not sure anyone can eat (some people are allergic to seafood). But this chance is very small after all. Security issues more controversial of fluorescent pigments, regular tattoo shop does not provide such services, of much greater because the risk of allergy in fluorescent tattoo, as with conventional tattoo pigments, permanent stay on the skin, won a lot of white-collar workers close. This color appears only in certain light.
Fluorescent tattoo is made by Blacklight reactive tattoo pigments, brands of fluorescent tattoo ink is phosphorus-free, does not contain harmful substances, can be assured of tattoos, but for now the tattoo industry development in the country, coupled with domestic counterfeit brands more. A series of adulteration, so in domestic lines of fluorescent pigments was quite dangerous, since a large fluorescent tattoo ink branding its ingredients are often metal powder, and is carcinogenic. Recommend that friends don't try to, that it's too late.